Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Environment

Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Environment

Boundless Adventure Club brings some eco friendly of post Covid measures to keep the environment safe, healthy and secure by keeping our environment clean and green

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the air around us had been deemed very toxic to breathe in due to the amount of greenhouse gases that had been emitted over the centuries. The Earth faced rising temperatures, which in turn led to the melting of glaciers and rising of sea levels. Environmental degradation was happening fast due to the depletion of resources such as air, water and soil. But after the coronavirus lockdown commenced, there have been slight changes in the environment.

Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Environment:

Air Quality:

After the lockdown was put in place in many countries, there was lesser travelling done by people, whether it be by their own cars, or by trains and flights. Even industries were closed down and not allowed to function. This in turn led to the pollution in the air dropping significantly, as there was a marked decline in nitrous oxide emission.

Water Quality:

Since there were no boats, whether they be fishing or pleasure ones, plying on the rivers and waterways, the water has cleared up. In areas like Venice, the water became so clear that the fish could be seen and there was better water flow. No doubt, because of the lesser human footfall even the oceans are recovering and marine life is thriving.

Effect on Wildlife:

Again where fish is concerned, the lockdown has seen a decline in fishing, which means that the fish biomass will increase after over-fishing almost depleted it. Apart from that, animals have been spotted moving about freely where once they would not dare to go. Even sea turtles have been spotted returning to areas they once avoided to lay their eggs, all due to the lack human interference.

So go eco-friendly plant trees and landscape with native plants green living areas in our cities and suburbs are vital. Industrialization and suburban sprawl have taken away the trees – our main source of unadulterated oxygen. They’re also beautiful, and they do their part to keep our environment clean.

Water pollution like lake , groundwater , sea , oceans are damaged and polluted by stuff within bodies of water. The most explicit kind of water pollution affects surface water which is used for drinking water.

  • Water pollution also results in death of water bodies, kill organisms, fish , dolphins who lives in water and their life in water.
  • Plastic bags such as carry bags, plastic straw are choking our drains and harming marine and acquatic life.
  • Air pollution takes place when damaging stuff including biological molecules. It is causing many disease , allergies or premature death in humans. It also cause and bring harm to living organisms such as animals and food crops that we eat . This type of pollution is external pollution. In rural areas people are still using chulha to make their food which cause and affect our environment. To safeguard our environment by toxic pollutants. Pollutants like hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides combine in the presence of sunlight , smog occurs.

Take a walk inside a park,
Or taunt a forgotten trail,
Close your eyes and listen,
Take a deep breath and exhale.

Rural Area Environment:

People who live in rural areas are usually more aware of limitations of their natural environment because they live so close to it. It is easier to see the damage that human activities may do it recover that are important to them. Drylands , mountains and small. Island which have unique environmental problems. Most rural environment have a number of environmental resources , land used for agriculture and food , production , grazing land for animals forest or woodlands , natural areas with native vegetation. These are also villages or towns where human activities are concentrated. In rural areas there is no Gas connection and people used to cook their food on Chulhas and this type of stuff make environment biodegradable.

Forest Cover: For the future of steady reduction in forest cover in almost every country.

Land Use: In rural areas land is usually the most important resource for local people. They survive on the growth of land in which they use to grow their seeds and cereals to survive and earn. It must be used efficiently to meet the needs of people for water , food , building materials and reasonable quality of life.

Human Habitat: There are many problem in human Habitat in most rural areas , particularly housing an sanitation.

The major problem have been indentified are poverty, homelessness and unemployment in these days and in the period of lockdown under rural areas who are facing problem mostly.

Ecotourism :

In the environment ecotourism is based on undisturbed natural environment. As ecotourism enhance the conservation attitude among the people.

  • In eco tourism it helps the people to change their environment by going on trip like coast al areas , hilly areas, mountains areas for tracking , adventures and for camping which make you all feel better and comfortable and make your body relaxed in this environment and in fresh healthy environment.
  • I also promote positive interactions between the local community and also among the local people who like to have economically tourist .
  • Eco tourism helps us to promote the living statndard and responsibility or respect ability of the people. The living standard are promoted through income generation.
  • In the part of Himachal Pradesh the cultural aspects and the environment of the community are preserved.
  • It helps to maintain relationships between local community and visitors eco-friendly .

If you want to move a bit faster
I suggest a couple of trips to be taken
There are two hours you can take each merits
One tour is taken at sunset
One tour is taken at hills
Listening to the birds in trees🌲
Along a trails and ferns
Past trees so old and ferns so green
A picnic is provided be a lovely stream

As Nature has given us brains, but more often than not we do not use them for the environment. The restoring forces start building immediately and place it again in its equilibrium will be safer without inconsiderate people that abuse / destroy the natural environment it does seem as if nature needs to hit the reset now and then. As we know our environment has been safed and unpolluntant in the period of Lockdown let us together safe our environment properly and never let go destroy in future , So be planting trees and Plants for more greenery. So these are the steps we can take to have a better lifestyle for keeping healthy and better environment:

Step 1: Energy conservation is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. ...
Step 2: Invest in eco-friendly technology. ...
Step 3: Switch to renewables. ...
Step 4: Drive less Drive green. ...
Step 5: Don't waste food. ...
Step 6: Green your Home...
Step 7: Recycle everything. ...
Step 8: Try to cut out plastic bags so go plastic free.
Step 9: Be water wise.
Step 10: Organic food and products.

Tourism is not at all bad. The education that can come all about environment , travelling and interacting with people. It effects the environment in many ways by adventures and making a realistic healthy environment among yourself. It helps us to be make a reserved a interactions between rural people and urban people who can attain values and ethics in these beautiful culture and environment.