Untold Story - Stone Kumbh Temple

A Dream to Reality


  • Location: Janedghat, Approx 7.5 KM from Chail, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Coordinates: 30.9942677,77.2125508
  • Started: 1980 (Approx 39 Year ago)
  • Current Status: Still Working
  • Construction by: Mr Satya Bhushan (65 Years Old)
  • Visited and Explore by: Mr Keshav Chauhan (CEO) & Co- Founder, Boundless Adventure Club (Boundac)

This untold divine story started approx 40 year ago when Mr Sataya Bhusan saw a dream that there is Lord Shiva Temple on top hill, in front of his home. He saw same dream again and again and one day he saw Lord Shiva is doing “Tapasya” and Holy Ganga is flowing from his long curly hair. After seeing such divine dream again and again he thought it as the command of Lord Shiva to build a temple, so one day he determine to build Lord Shiva Temple on same place.

As he was a carpenter by profession so it was not very difficult for him to build it. He started working alone to create basic structure of Temple with the use of all natural things like stone, ropes, wood and some other materials which was available outskirt. He used his savings to start building it. He use approx 4-5 hours daily for building it and very soon it become part of his daily routine.

After completing basic structure he started working on rest part of temple. Every day he came with new idea for statue and decoration of temple. Some time many local people came to see his work and they appreciate his determination and hard work this also help him to boost his will and determination to complete it.

After very hard work of approx 39 years he has done Statue of Shiva, Shiva Lingam, a cave in bottom of temple for meditation. This cave is always cool and wet in all season. It is very peaceful and there is always sound of waterfall but there is no waterfall at all.

He also developed a Garden and Orchard where he planted various types of flower and fruits like Kiwi, Litchi, Peach, Palm and many more which make it divine.

This is not final, he also wants to develop a Langar “Holy Kitchen/Food Court” where all religious/cast people can sit and eat food together and there would not be any casteism at all.
He is continuously working in it to make it divine. He named the temple shrine - “A Temple in My Dream”.

Story within a story – “Mr Bhusan has plotted a “Daanpaatra” (donation box) to receive offering/donation from visitor/ devotee. One day when Mr Bhusan has opened the donation box, he found a black snake in the box who was protecting it. It is true sign of Lord Shiva.”

“The smiles on people's face when they come and leave the temple and they praise my hard work and determination which is enough to keep me going on. Recently I also come to know that the temple be located on Google Map, I heartily thanks to the people who visit temple and upload photo on social media, this simply makes me happy. “- Sataya Bhusan